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    Cydonia Courtot, in front of the shop in Rue de Rennes in Paris.
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    Workshop on site at the store, Rue de Rennes
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    Our shop in Rue de Rennes, a perfect place to take time to talk about the shirt of your dreams.
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Maison Courtot was created in 1962 when Edouard Courtot began selling men's shirts, ties, and, cuff links. In 1966 he decided to go back to the profession his mother had taught him : the bespoke shirt. He perfected his skills in the Paris 6th district. Since the 90's, Cydonia his son, has continued  the business using the skills his father had taught him. Cydonia thus represents both the long tradition of french custom shirt making, and, the new that caters tot the needs of today. 

Maison Courtot stocks 5000 samples of fabrics including from Switzerland, Turkey (Soktas), Italy and England. We endeavor to create distinctive personalized, yet durable designs that meet the expectations of our many clients, men and women, International and French. In addition to shirts, we also make custom underwear, pyjamas, night shirts, and, dinner shirts.





We always keep a selection of quality handkerchiefs, and, cuff links in stock. All our clothes are fabricated in France, mostly in our Paris shop. When needed we can assist with providing replacement cuffs, and, collars...We happy to ship abroad if necessary and, provide the necessary VAT paperwork when needed.