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Looking for a finishing touch to your look, a unique detail that will bring you elegance and originality? So you've come to the right place!

As usual, Maison Courtot carefully selected a range of men's jewelery, 100% made in France, of the Afrenchy brand. Available right now in our shop, rue de Rennes.



Men's jewelry requires three criteria: elegance, design and authenticity.
Afrenchy understood this and offers you a unique jewelry panel, made up of certified gemstones.

'' Born of the talents of two passionate friends, Afrenchy addresses men who love beauty and in search of freedom. ''


Each stone is unique. You can choose from our in-store selection or create your jewelery by choosing a base of jewelry and stone that will best reflect your personality.









Four types of jewelry are available in our country, but many ways to wear it are possible.

First the cufflinks, to be worn on your french cuffs. For this accessory no fear regarding your choice. It can be in accordance with the color of your jacket, shirt or other accessories, or completely offset. The essential thing is to assume it. It will embellish your wrist (ideal for wedding photos!).

Then the jacket lapel buttonhole. A sophisticated detail that will give all your importance to your outfit. And as always, no rule to match it, it remains discreet.

Then pin, to put on your scarf, tie, hat or like his cousin on the buttonhole. Always discreet but rewarding for the accessory or the jacket on which you would affix it.

Finally, the tie-clips, with or without stone, will emphasize this one and hold it in place.





To wear without moderation, the jewels are not reserved for women, whoopsidaisies!


It's your turn !