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The most common accessory associated with the shirt, we appointed the tie.
Simple and chic with a touch of originality, you can wear on all occasions and in many ways.

For you, the Maison Courtot chose a range of elegant and creative ties, now available in our shop Rue de Rennes. This range we selected came from Ms. Dominique Lelys.


After studying at the Ecole Camondo, Dominique Lelys enters the world of luxury and beauty, working at Hermès and Ralph Lauren. After several independent projects for the Opera de Paris (a collection of scarves), Daniel Cremieux and Jacques Fath (textile design and ties), it was in 1985 that the Arnys house appealed to him: therefore he will never leave this institution of elegance, he will lead the creative desktop from Grimbert brothers, until the closure of Arnys in 2013.
Founded in 2013, the brand LE LYS is present in France, Japan and the United States.
Its creator wanted to evoke the alliance between tradition and modernity.


LELYS Ties 100% silk, Roulot by hand, made in Italiy

Price : 143€



Still not sure? Here are our tips to help you to integrate the tie in your closets.
Your first fear concern the tie knots, not always easy or too classic, you do not usually wear a suit and tie, except for the wedding of a great uncle and you find it difficult to remember the full process to have a nice result ...
No more excuses, here are three ways to tie your tie, explained step by step.

Choose an adapted node for your necktie and collar of your shirt. If the knot of your tie is too big for the shirt's collar or, in contrast, too little, the record will be disproportionate. For example, a Windsor knot with a tie too fine, it will give as result, a too big goshawks on your neck. The half-windsor knot and the simple are more adaptable for most passes.

Your second fear, how to match with your outfit of the day. The first mistake not to do is tone on tone, if your tie is confused on your shirt there is no interest ... Remember that the accessory is there to enhance your outfit. For a tie with more than two colors, two solutions:
- The first is that one of the colors present on the tie reflects one of the color on your shirt or your jacket.
- The second is that you associate with clothes with discrete tones.

For the pattern, beware, tie fully patterned does not make you someone more elegant. And to associate it with a shirt with same pattern, play with scale.

Then for the form:
The tip of the tie, once tied, must not exceed the top of the belt.
Prefer few centimeters above. And for the width, a wider tie will fit better for man with broad shoulders. With a standard morphology, you must choose between the 7cm and 9cm wide.

Finally, note that the tie does not always imply a suit, it can bring a touch of elegance matched with a leather jacket or cardigan.

It's your turn !