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Bowtie, one of the emblematic accessories of masculine style. Long neglected, he comes back and brings you a true mark of elegance and displayed a beautiful originality.

The Boivin's company is named from Mr. Jacques Boivin who, in 1920, applied to fabricate ties but also robes. Today the brand continues but has diversified as it always produces neckties made exclusively by hand as well as bow ties, vests, sleeves, Ascotts, cummerbunds and finally robes.


Today the Maison Courtot is proud to introduce you, its new collaboration with the Boivin's company. Now find a node panel of bow ties in our shop, 100% silk and made in France.

Sale price € 68




Sale price € 66




More the pattern for your bow tie is, more it is easy to associate them with solid color pieces.
However if you choose a larger pattern you will have more success by combining your bowtie with a sober together.
Also you can mix two patterns, such as scratches bowtie with those of the jacket, or even with dots.
For bolder or more experienced you can do almost everything. Have fun with the striped patterns, polka dots, plaids and drawings.



Specific examples? Look at the color wheel, here are three principles to be adopted alone or in combination:


  • Choose a color and play with the contrast of light and dark.
  • Combine two adjacent colors on the circle, such as blue and cyan.
  • Combine two opposite colors on the color wheel, such as blue and yellow, orange with khaki, green and red, pink and cyan...


One last tip if you want to adopt an authentic look, you should know that the true bow tie is ideally worn a little crooked!