maison courtot, chemise sur mesure Paris



    The finish of your shirt

    For a refinement to the end of the wrist, Maison Courtot chose to dress your shirt with Mother of pearl buttons from Madagascar and provided by the French company Mercier.

    All colors are available to match the best with your choice of fabrics.


    For the curious, here is a presentation of the institution Mercier:

    Founded in 1937 by Fernand Mercier, the company, since its creation, is the French leader in the prestigious area of Mother of Pearl button. For 3 generations, high fashion houses have put trust to that establishement. It's thanks to his strict professionnal aptitude test int his product, for which it was undoubtedly reputated. 

    Shells in the lagoon of the Pacific Island and the Indian Ocean, were hand-picked under strict supervision regarding the environment : Quotas, sizes, breeding specimens allow a constant reform of species.