maison courtot, chemise sur mesure Paris


Hurry Up ! It's not available for everyone !

In our workshop, we don't have sales ... but LIMITED EDITIONS ! 

Stripes, Twill, Oxford, Voile, we have a little of everythings in our limited editions !
All fabrics introduced come from our Swiss and Italians suppliers. You will find each price (for final short), and each reference, with each picture.

Here are expected shirts (first come, first served) : 

  • First one, it's a white sail (polyester, the only one we have!!) -- REF 438

    Fabric white sail (polyester), n°438, 240€ made to measure shirt.

  • The second is white sail striped in red/pink (cotton) -- REF 154

    White sail fabric stripe in red/pink (cotton), n°154, 250€ made to measure shirt.

  • Third is white sail stiped in brown (cotton) -- REF 390

    White sail fabric striped in brown (cotton), n°390, 250€ made to measure.

  • Then, white popeline striped in blue sky (cotton) -- REF 189

    White sail fabric striped in blue sky (cotton), n°189, 240€ made to measure shirt.

  • Pink classical oxford (cotton) -- REF 515

    Pink classical oxford fabric (cotton), n°515, 240€ made to measure shirt.

  • Pale green classical oxford (cotton) -- REF 31

    Pale green classical oxford fabric (cotton), n°31, 240€ made to measure shirt. 

  • And for the end, blue pigeon twilled fabric (cotton) -- REF 981

    Blue pigeon twilled fabric (cotton), n°981, 244€ made to measure shirt.

We are available for any others informations !